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We can get you approved with any beacon score, even if it is lower then 400.

We have many financing options available, including in-house financing where we finance you in house instead of using one of our lenders.

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Overlooked benefits

Interest rates go up the longer the term and your credit rating plays a role in the interest rate. Times have changed and now there is a way to refinance your auto loan when interest rates are lowered. If your loan is 20 to 50 % APR. you aren’t stuck at this rate once you’ve held the loan for about 6 months and paid on time lenders are willing to take a chance with you. You can also change a few things to raise your credit score in that period.

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With technology advancing each day we’ve made auto loans easier to apply for and get approved for check out our application section. You’ll fill out a detailed credit application once this is done we will contact our network of lenders who will contact you directly with their offers. There is no credit requirement to submit your application.

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Smooth Driving

This Dodge Ram is the first pick-up truck to use coil springs for its rear suspension instead of leaf springs. Now you may be thinking that is not a big deal, but if you use your truck allot and its going to be on the road allot this makes for a really smooth suspension and a nicer drive.


In the past Ram Interiors have been the joke of the industry, hard edgy, cheap plastics. Now the 2012 Ram’s interior are the envy of the auto industry, the controls are soft and durable, while the instrument are high definition and down right luxurious and power is on demand.

Value Quality And  A Smooth Ride.

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The BMW X1 is the latest addition the to German Auto Makers line up, but at only 3 inches shorter then the X3, you may think whats the point.

Let’s find out. Well there’s not doubting the X1 has a clean precise drive and is much easier to get in and out of. Its engine is set back behind the front axle, for better weight distribution which in-turn allows better handling. To help you stay comfortable around the wheel the X1 front seats come with a range of adjustments that even include tilt. All the rear seats fold down to give this vehicle great cargo space.

It Comes with a 2liter 4clyinder turbo diesel engine for great gas mileage.

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When I think Minivan this is the vehicle i think of.

Over the years Dodge has led the market for minivans with features like automatic doors,  and automatic lift gates with the push of a button, now that’s convenient. One of the great things about the caravan is how easy it is to get in and out of the vehicle with multiple people. The van easily fits seven people comfortably. Getting into the 3rd row is as easy as pushing a button to move the captain seat out of the way, and its a full size third row with reclining abilities. One of the greatest features of the Caravan is the true raw cargo space using there Stow N Go feature that allows all the back seats to basically vanish into the ground.

The Caravan is the Ultimate People & Cargo Machine!

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Lenders in recent years have started offering more options in car loans. This is solely due in part of the fact that there are many different situations involving credit history and long term goals for vehicles purchased. In Canada creative solutions have become available to all for people with bad credit, bankruptcy, divorce, disability, etc, everyone can get a car loan and we specialize in finding you that lender.

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